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2014 – NHL Lottery & Top 5 for Draft

The last couple of articles we have focused on teams eyeing the playoffs and a Stanley Cup run. Today we look at the bottom 5 teams in the league who are hoping for a better tomorrow as quickly as possible.
The Bottom 5 & Draft Lottery:
On April 15th the 2014 draft lottery will occur. Remember the team that now wins the lottery moves all the way up to the #1 pick. In order of percentages of winning the lottery is as follows starting with the team with the least amount of points.
1) 25.0%
2) 18.8%
3) 14.2%
4) 10.7%
5) 8.1%
Teams between 6 – 14 add up to roughly 23%
Right now you can bank on it that the Sabres will have the worst record. Edmonton is most likely to have the 2nd worst record and it’s too close to call for teams 3 through 5 between the Panthers at 55 points and the Islanders and Flames at 57 points.
Breaking Down the top 5 of the 2014 draft.
As of now it seems like the top 3 are a lock and their order set with center Sam Reinhart at #1 followed by defenseman Aaron Ekblad at #2 then center Sam Bennett at #3. Then it’s a 3 way battle for the next 3 spots between Michael DalColle, Leon Draisaitl and William Nylander. Quick note on each.
Sam Reinhart – creative offensive player with great hockey IQ & vision.
Aaron Ekblad – D-man with great combo of size & strength, strong in all zones.
Sam Bennett – Scoring winger with great quickness & effort.
Michael DalColle – A bull with a strong 2 way game
Leon Draisaitl- Play making center with great vision
William Nylander – Dynamic player with great speed and dangerous in offensive zone
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