Boston Bruins Emerge Victorious Over Dallas

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English: Dallas Stars forward Loui Eriksson during warm-up prior to a National Hockey League game against the Calgary Flames, in Calgary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At summer’s end, it appears as if there is finally a team that has emerged as the “winner” of that trade – you know the one, the seven-player trade that saw Boston and Dallas exchange some prospects as well as fan favourites. At the time, everyone thought it would be too difficult to call a winner – all the players that had been traded were really good; there would be no way to tell who was the real winner until everybody hit the ice in October.

But, with only a few short weeks to go until the regular season starts, it appears as if a winner has been determined. And – at least for now –  that winner is Boston.

It began with Seguin and his unfortunate habit of tweeting things he probably shouldn’t

– namely, his comment about steers in Texas. The incident, which Seguin claimed was his account being hacked, caused him to take down his twitter account – but not before doing (what was perceived to be irreparable) damage to his reputation in his new city. While he is undeniably a good player, having Seguin on the team comes with a certain stigma – his reputation as a heavy partier, namely due to his age –  and Boston could be seen as the “winner” of the trade for managing to move away from that stigma. While Seguin can certainly turn things around, and gain the support of the Dallas community as well as Stars fans, it may end up being a pretty steep uphill battle for him – as well as the organization.

Next came Peverly. Through no fault of his own, Peverly is going to be out for at least the first few games of the season due to health reasons. It was reported on September 13th that, due a procedure to correct his irregular heartbeat, it would be more than likely that Peverly would be sitting out for a little while – and would most definitely be avoiding any sort of contact during practices from now on. While everyone is assuredly hoping for his quick (and successful) recovery, this setback does, once again, support Boston being the winner of the big trade – if only due to the fact that, out of the three players who were very likely to start for Dallas (Ryan Button, Tyler Seguin, Rich Peverly), only two will be able to hit the ice on October 3rd. On the other hand, Loui Eriksson, the only new player to arrive in Boston that would be likely to start, appears to be ready for the season (and in great standing, reputation-wise).

Mathematically, 100% of the likely-starters that got traded to Boston actually starting works out to be a bit more favourable then the 66% who would be starting for Dallas.

But this is all just in terms of the pre-season. The ‘winner’ of this trade may not stay the winner for very long – especially once everyone is healthy, and away from the heavy media-influence. After all, this is hockey – it can take only a split second for things to change.


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