What can be done with the Flyers

The flying P has been the Flyers' primary logo...
The flying P has been the Flyers’ primary logo since the beginning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through 8 games this season the Philadelphia Flyers have been horrible. So horrible that Peter Laviolette was fired 3 games into the season. The offense has been invisible scoring only 11 goals in those 8 games.  The Flyers have yet to score more than 2 goals in any game which hasn’t been done since 1964 by the Boston Bruins. Making things worse the PP is 27th in the league . New Head Coach Craig Berube has tried every possible line combination in his 5 games behind the bench but nothing has work.

With the hiring of Berube came a lot of scrutiny from media and fans.

At the press conference Flyers owner Ed Snider clearly stated “We like our culture”, “No we don’t need a fresh perspective”. With comments like that who is he kidding? This organization has been stuck in what is called the “Flyers Way” since 1967. The NHL has changed Mr. Snider since 1975 and the organizations ways of doing things hasn’t.  The days of bullying teams off the ice are over and have been for some time. The Flyers do need a fresh perspective and a culture change if they ever want a Cup.

Many believe the Flyers will never win as long as Ed Snider is the owner. I don’t feel that’s true Snider just need to allow an outsider to the “Flyer Way” to come and make the much needed changes. Over the years Bobby Clarke and now Paul Holmgren have made every attempt to make this organization a Cup winner but always have come up short. Why? Because they’re way of thinking  is prehistoric. The game is now built on speed, agility and creativeness, something the Flyers lack as a team in whole. The drafting hasn’t produced anyone with real talent over the years with the exception of they’re 1st round picks. Free agent signings and trades have left a lot to be desired.

What can be done to right this wrong for so many years is fire Paul Holmgren as GM, fire Dave Brown as Head Scout and fire Craig Berube as Head Coach. Bringing in a new way of thing for all 3 jobs will move this team in the right direction. I can’t say who would be the best fit for the 3 jobs but in my honest opinion going after the best guys available would be a good start. With the way the Redwings have drafted the last 20 years I would go after they’re scouts and offer double what they make. I just can’t see an organization winning when the 3 most influential people running everything made a career of dropping the gloves more than scoring goals.

This team has some talented players from the NHL to AHL to Juniors, but not enough to turn a franchise around. Guys like Giroux, Voracek, Lecavalier  are highly skilled players, but that all they have at the NHL level. If you don’t believe that you’re stuck in the “Flyer Way” and clearly don’t watch all the other teams in the league. Down in the minors the Flyers have some good young players who probably will never get a chance because the organization wants certain types of players. Guys like Jason Akeson, Petr Straka, Nick Cousins, Marcel Noebels and recently called up Michael Raffl all have the ability to play in this league, but seem to be overlooked. Down in juniors Scott Laughton is ripping the OHL apart 15 points in 7 games. Laughton should be up with the Flyers he has nothing to prove in juniors but Holmgren feel he still needs time to develop. How can you develop and get better when you’re dominating at an easy level based on you’re talent? Maybe it me and I’m not understanding it.

As I’m writing this the Flyers are on a 6 day layoff and is much needed. With a layoff this long usually things get done via trades. I have come up with 1 possible trade to move things in the right direction. The Edmonton Oilers need defenseman badly and the Flyers need scoring. So my thinking is after NTC approval the Flyers trade Luke Schenn, Brayden Schenn and Braydon Coburn to the Oilers for Jordon Eberle and Ales Hemsky. The trade work for both teams salary cap wise and both fill needs.

In closing I’m not saying I know everything but after watching the Flyers for the last 26 years I think I have a good perspective on the organization and what it’s needs are. Now we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens the next 74 games.

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