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Cooke’s “knee” on Barrie

I’m so sick of people saying, “Cooke needs to be banned from the NHL” and Cooke is “cheap and dirty”. There are numerous players in the NHL that could be labeled “cheap and dirty!” Let’s talk about Todd Bertuzzi, and that infamous sucker punch to Steve Moore. People were in an uproar over this hit and Bertuzzi paid dearly for that with a 20 game suspension and getting sued for $38 million dollars. That was a serious hit and quite possibly intentional and clearly a lot more harmful than what is being called a “knee” on Barrie. Let’s move onto Shawn Thornton’s hit on Brooks Orpik, that hit happened because of a knee from James Neal to the head of Brad Marchand and then Orpik gets a cheap shot to the head from Thornton, for what?
Thornton’s punishment is a match penalty and Neal gets two minutes. Now for us Wild fans, let’s go back a few years and talk about that nasty hit Wes Walz took from Keith Tkachuk, a cross-check to the head with a stick and Tkachuk only out 4 games, wow! And what about recently in the Hawks vs Blues game when Brent Seabrook took a hit to David Backes and Brent Seabrook only received 3 games. Come on people that hit on Backes WAS cheap and dirty and was intentional anybody watching that game could clearly see that. He left his feet to harm Backes. But he gets 3 games and Cooke gets 7. If they are going to call these players out on the roughness and whether or not it was intentional, start calling them even. But to give Seabrook 3 games for that hit on Backes and Cooke gets 7 is absolutely absurd. There should be no comparison to the
hits. If you think Cooke should be banned from the NHL than I do believe you need to band all the so-called “repeat offenders”. But last time I watched a hockey game, which was actually three games last night, that Bertuzzi, Seabrook and Thornton are all still playing in the NHL. But what they did is not as bad as what Cooke got called for? So quit the complaining and name slinging about Cooke. He should in no way shape or form be banned from playing hockey in the NHL!

At one time, Cooke may have been considered “cheap and dirty” but since coming to the Minnesota Wild his image has changed. He has made great efforts to not be that cheap player. Every game I have been to there are countless numbers of players that continue to taunt Cooke and get him to drop the gloves, but with no prevail.

I was at the game the other night against the Avs and the so called “knee” incident really wasn’t as bad as they are making it. It definitely wasn’t an “intentional” hit and he didn’t set out to harm Barrie. His 7 game suspension was a little harsh. Cooke is and will always be labeled because of his past. Cooke is an aggressive player and is very talented. Those of you who hate on Cooke should not continue to
judge Cooke on his past. Cooke does not live in the past anymore.

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