NHL Tuck Rule Could Mean Future Changes To NHL Team Jerseys

091613_ovechkinBefore this NHL season started the league was to make some changes by applying a few new rules to begin this year. Some rules such as “hybrid icing” and “mandatory visors” have become official over the summer, but one rule in particular has made me think of future revenue possibilities for the league, and that is the “jersey tuck rule”.  This new rule about not being able to tuck the team jersey into the pants has been in the books for about 50 years and this season the league will be strictly enforcing this said rule.

Since this rule was brought up over the summer I have been thinking and doing some research on the fact that the NHL might be in the process of adding advertisements on the team jerseys just like all the European teams have on theirs.

Euro Hockey JerseyWould you want your NHL team jersey to look like this?

In my opinion I think the NHL put themselves in a financial hole due to the take over of the Phoenix Coyotes or the recent lockout. I mean what better way to create more revenue to the league or lower market teams than to get advertising dollars by making all the NHL players skating billboards. I also believe that advertising agencies have approached the NHL about this but will not go further unless the NHL polices this rule to make the certain company happy because the jersey is not tucked fully exposing a company or agencies logo. Also with the whole league realignment and the fact that the Western Conference has 14 teams and the Eastern Conference has 16 opens up the discussion for expansion and why not as a league be financially ready for adding 2 more teams to the NHL.  Myself as a true fan of the game of hockey would like to see no changes to the jerseys and try to keep the integrity of the game and it’s appearance the same as the old days, even back to the start of the National Hockey League.  I am not saying that this will happen but you have to ask yourself why a rule that has been in the books for so long is just being enforced now?

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