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2012-2013 Tampa Bay Lightning Off-season Overview and Pre-season preview.

www.knowsouthernhistory.net“Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships.”

Paul “Bear” Bryant.

That quote is more than just words. It transcends from its roots as a football quote and spreads to every sport possible. It summons thoughts of a hard-nosed playing style, men beating the snot out of one another, and great warriors who leave a trail of bloodied, bruised and broken men on the field of battle on their way to victory. However in today’s game, no matter the sport, it is all about having a high flying offense, scoring points and doing it faster, better, and more often than the other guy… or is it?

Bryant may have been on to something when he said this; he knew that no matter how many points you scored, you would ultimately have to stop the opposition from scoring;

lest you be stuck in a high scoring shootout and the last team with possession will inevitably win, even if that team is perceived as less talented than the other. Continue reading

Tampa Bay Lightning, up or down?

free wallpapersIt’s hard to imagine a team with the best goal scorer in the NHL shining their golf clubs instead of growing a playoff beard, but it happened.  The Tampa Bay Lightning showed a huge improvement back in the 2010-2011 season, with upsets over the powerful Pittsburgh Penguins,

a sweep over the #1 ranked Washington Capitals, and then a game 7 loss in the Eastern finals against the Boston Bruins (who went on to win the Stanley Cup).

The Lightning looked like the real deal club, with a lot of high powered offense from guys like Stamkos, St.Louis and Lecavalier, strong goaltending from veteran Dwayne Roloson, a GM that everyone in the hockey world knows as a very smart hockey man with Steve Yzerman, and a new coaching system in place from rookie coach Guy Boucher. Continue reading


The sun is shining, birds are singing, Easter is just around the corner so this all means only one thing doesn’t it? The Toronto Maple Leafs are finishing out their long and painful season once again not going the playoffs! The Leafs hosted the Tampa Bay Lightening last night in the second to last game of the season before the ‘Buds’ finish off in Montreal on Saturday evening with another team who is searching for the ‘light of greatness’ that once was.

In the match last night the only thing on the minds of the fans was the scoring sensation of sniper Steven Stamkos inching closer to the magical number 60-goal plateau.

Though ‘Stamer’ did reach goal number 59 it was mentioned by Leafs goalie Scrivens that, ‘ I just didn’t want to let in number 60 and be on the highlight reel all summer long, I was willing to have the puck hit me where ever so that wouldn’t happen.’

Though the game was entertaining at times and the fans were more interested in seeing if Stamkos would get to the milestone of 60 goals, the Leafs played hard in front of ‘Leaf Nations’ fans for the final game at home and take it to overtime to win and to the dismay of some fans who think the current team should fold like a ‘cheap tent’ so they could be guaranteed a lottery pick in the draft this summer. Continue reading

Flyers Hand One To Tampa, & The Great Daniel Briere Revival.

Tonight the Flyers again surrendered early goals, having scored the first goal all of 3 times in a whopping 48 contests, but unlike on most other occasions, they could not overcome their lead spotting ways. Despite outshooting the Bolts by what felt like a 60 to 15 margin, Claude Giroux and crew fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 5-3. The problem wasn’t so much Ilya Bryzgalov, who for the first time in 11 games coughed up more than three goals, instead the onus was on puckhandling.

The inability to, rather.

For pretty much the entire first period, the first few minutes of the second, and smatterings of the third, the Flyers outplayed themselves, attempting fancy(or should I say lazy) passes, displaying trouble keeping the puck in the offensive zone on pinches(here’s looking at you, Coburn), and outright turnovers at the most inopportune times. Continue reading

This week is the Going Deep: NHL playoff push special.

Check it out by clicking here.

Grant discusses 4 topics this week in depth.****

1) *Teams who have emerged as Stanley Cup contenders due to their recent play*.****

- Penguins: 10 wins in a row and why they are the Cup favorites (5 minutes-16:40)****

- Flyers: Bryzgalov’s incredible play (16:40-24)****

- Stars: One of NHL’s hottest teams, led by Lehtonen (24-27)****

- Predators: How the teams depth makes them a legitimate cup threat (27-32:30)****

* *

2) *Stanley Cup contenders that have faltered as of late.*

- Canucks: Struggles of Luongo, the Sedin’s and Kesler. (32:30-37:30)****

- Red Wings: Importance of keeping home ice and how they are in danger of losing it. (37:30-41)****

- Bruins: Lost 4 in a row due to goaltending struggles, and no secondary scoring                (41-47)****

- Sharks: Need more from Thronton, Marleau, Pavelski and Couture. (47-50:30)****

** ** Continue reading